The Story of ELEFANGAN

“A tale is a mirror where everyone can discover their own image. "

In light of the words of Hamadou Hampâté Bâ, we believe it is time to write a new tale in which every African child can experience the image of a great Africa, as well as rediscover hope for a prosperous future on the continent.

The Mission of ELEFANGAN

Through ELEFANGAN we have chosen to write a page of this new tale for future generations. Based on the impact that education can have in a lifetime and the hope it can give to a whole people, we have chosen to:                                    

This is the attitude that we want to put forward in each of our actions. We firmly believe that respect for work and individual involvement is the key to our success.

That is, to give and to receive. We want to give with heart and sincerity the best to these children who represent the Africa of tomorrow.

It is to join forces in the service of the mission ofELEFANGAN, unite various communities in the service of a cause.

ELEFANGAN means power in Agnis (Ivorian ethnicity). This name was therefore chosen to symbolize the strength of this tool which is education, which will allow us to write this new story and allow us to participate in the development of our magnificent continent because AN EDUCATION OF QUALITY FOR EVERY CHILD, IT IS FORWARD MOVING AFRICA.

Our Leaders

“We were born in Cote d'Ivoire and have lived in Togo. Our departure allowed us to avoid political conflict, precariousness and inequality… ”

Despite the pain of having to leave a family environment in order to travel towards the unknown, we were fortunate through our education to be put in the best conditions to succeed.

As a result, today we are fighting to give this chance to children who do not have it. We want to create a world in which leaving one's country is no longer a necessity in order to be successful. We have received so much in our lives, which is why today is the time to give back. "

Angelique Agayi & Denis Agayi

My name is Yapi Guy-Landry, I am 21 years old and I am a young Ivorian, resident in Ivory Coast, Abidjan more precisely in Treichville. I am also a senior technician in civil engineering and a member of the ELEFANGAN association.

As a member of ELEFANGAN, I believe that the latter is a young association, however even if we are beginners in this associative project, we strive to be serious and dynamic as well as to do our best to lend a hand to young Ivori. We believe that education is the best way to improve the future prospects of our little brothers and sisters, as well as the future of the African continent. 

Guy-Landry Yapi

Donate and help them to have a bright future

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Writing A New Story

In Ivory Coast: 1.6M - Number of children who do not go to school and the majority are girls. 1/4 - Do not finish elementary school and 1/2 middle school. 15% of children aged 3 to 5 attending school. 2/3 Do not enter high school