Writing A New Story

En Côte d?Ivoire:                                                                                                                            

  • 1,6M Number of children do not go to school and the majority are girls.    
  • 1/4Do not finish elementary school and middle school 1/2 middle school                                                                 
  • 15%  children from 3 to 5 years old attend a school.                       
  • 2/3 Do not enter into high school                    

Education is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against poverty. Therefore, we are convinced that more groundwork is needed. This will enable every child to have a quality education and to see the prospect of a prosperous future on the continent. 

We are also convinced that ensuring a child's physical and emotional security means allowing them to grow and develop in the best possible conditions. 

The first thing that became obvious to us when we looked at the EPP Bat Dokui school, which welcomes nearly 400 children, is that the school environment is not suitable and can be a source of danger. 

There are also other issues that emerged, especially when we spoke with the faculty.

Enabling children to receive an education in a decent and safe environment proved to be the priority in this first project.

An inventory in pictures of the current situation of the Dokui school

If you are willing to look at other images of the current state of the Dokui school in Abidjan, we invite you to click on the following url: https://www.elefangan.org/album/le-projet-de-renovation-de-lecole-dokui-un-etat-des-lieux-de-la-situation-actuelle/

Detailed presentation of our intervention in this school located in Ivory Coast

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How can we help us carry out this renovation project for the Dokui school located in Abidjan?

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