Fundraising: a very encouraging start!

Thanks to your support and generosity, it is with pleasure that we announce that we have collected nearly 350€ , which represents 230,000 FCFA. Thanks to you, we are getting closer to raising the necessary sum to renovate the Dokui school in Abidjan and allow children to find a school in better condition during the next school year
We will put in place various events and actions in the weeks and months to come in order to be able to achieve our goals.

"Don't Ignore It, Explore it."

Today we wanted to illustrate the development of our association as well as present the testimony of Mr. John Eads (Teacher at Spring Hill College).
Mr. John Eads is the founder of the Light of the Village association. "Light of the Village" is a frontline Christian ministry designed to share the love of Christ with those affected by crime and poverty in Mobile, Alabama and surrounding neighborhoods." Indeed, Light of the Village has shown us how a genuine willingness to help and be of service to those in need can have a profound impact.
This man's wisdom was a determining factor. in the creation of ELEFANGAN . We wanted to thank him and once again remind ourselves of his words, Don't ignore it, Explore it

22 June 2021

Sylmanolo, Elefangan: partners of choice

I am happy to announce our partnership with the non-profit SYLMANOLO Sylmanolo was created in 2006, during a trip to ...
18 December 2020

Writing A New Story

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