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22 June 2021

Sylmanolo, Elefangan: partners of choice

I am happy to announce our partnership with the non-profit SYLMANOLO Sylmanolo was created in 2006, during a trip to ...

14 March 2021

Fundraising: a very encouraging start!

Grâce à votre soutien et générosité, c?est avec plaisir que nous vous annonçons avoir récolté près de 350?, ce qui représente ...

18 December 2020

Writing A New Story

En Côte d?Ivoire: 1,6M - Nombre d?enfants ne vont pas a? l?e?cole et la majorite? sont des filles. 1/4 - Ne ...

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Writing A New Story

In Ivory Coast: 1.6M - Number of children who do not go to school and the majority are girls. 1/4 - Do not finish elementary school and 1/2 middle school. 15% of children aged 3 to 5 attending school. 2/3 Do not enter high school